02 December 2016
Mark Damian: Behind the Scenes

I live in Los Angeles, but I’m extremely proud to say I’m from the Detroit area. I’m a musician, audio engineer, music producer, and I design sound bites and music cues for film trailers like Steve Jobs- Man in the Machine, Nine Lives, Paranormal Activity, Insidious 3, and Worlds of Warcraft.
I’ve been drumming for guitarist and vocalist Laith Al-Saadi, an Ann Arbor native, since 2004, well before his successful run on The Voice earlier this year. I enjoy teaching, prefer listening to music on vinyl, love animals, I’ve been known to tear up at movies, and I’m a big fan of the New England Patriots.

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01 December 2016
"1502 Candle Co." on START UP TV SHOW

Caroline, the maker behind 1502 Candle Co, started creating candles in 2012. What began as a way to make fragrant and simple candles for her own home or as gifts for friends and family, soon blossomed into a thriving business. Now you can find 1502 at stores and local farmers' markets throughout San Diego and California.

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21 November 2016
Q&A with Fred Molnar, VP of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Michigan Economic Development Corporation

What is the MEDC?

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation is the state’s lead agency for business, talent and jobs, tourism and economic growth. We offer a number of business assistance services and capital programs for business attraction and acceleration, economic gardening, entrepreneurship, strategic partnerships, talent enhancement and urban development. The Entrepreneur & Innovation initiative within MEDC specifically focuses on making Michigan the place to launch and grow a high-tech business by providing startup companies with access to a variety of critical resources, such as funding and expert counsel, from ideation to maturation.

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07 November 2016

Caliano is a custom-built food truck based in San Diego, CA. Owner Mario Maruca uses fresh ingredients cooked over a wood-burning stove to create a fusion of southern Italian food and border Mexican cuisine. "As culinary artists, we want to always deliver beautiful creations to everyone, both visually pleasing and delicious," he explains. 

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26 October 2016
Vadim Yelizarov: Behind the Scenes

Vadim Yelizarov is often behind the scenes, where he can be found working behind the camera, editing the website, taking still photos and editing.  A founding member of Parliament Studios and an original member of the Start-Up team, Vadim certainly had many stories to tell us about his work on the show, as well the multiple businesses that he has founded.

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