13 October 2017
"Second Shift" on START UP TV Show

Levi creates connections, meeting entrepreneurs and finding other people who can help them succeed. He’s the kind of person who wants to help others thrive. And from that passion, he launched Second Shift, a coworking space that focuses on collaboration and community support. As part of this plan, he’s used Next Door® to help build, grow, and support the entrepreneurial community in Chicago. Starting a business isn’t something you can do in isolation, and Levi is at the forefront of helping others achieve their dreams. As for Levi, he achieved his own entrepreneurial dream with lots of hard work and being intentional about which opportunities he pursued along the way.

To read more tips from Levi, check out The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: Be Intentional About the Opportunities You Pursue on the State Farm® Next Door® Simple Insights® page.

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05 October 2017
Take A Moment For Fire Safety

As a small business owner, you focus a lot on growing your business. Sometimes, we get so focused that we forget the basics, like safety. Specifically fire safety. 
When you think about setting up the perfect office space or the most enticing storefront, don’t forget to plan for disasters. Where are you fire extinguishers? Do you have adequate smoke detectors? Do you have a fire plan for the event of a fire? No? 
Well, the good thing is that you’re thinking about it now even if you weren’t yesterday, so there’s still time. Read about more things you can and should be doing to prepare your business.

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04 October 2017
"Reformed Pilates" on START UP TV SHOW

Laura Morgan and her brother Peter worked in finance, but couldn’t shake that entrepreneurial dream. She started teaching Pilates in the evenings, which became weekends, which quickly became a business idea. They decided to open a studio in Phoenix. As they grew, they watched fitness trends around the country and realized they needed spin classes. And as their second location took off, they knew they'd found the right formula. It wasn't an easy ride the entire way, but Laura and Peter stayed strong and persisted, much like their clients are encouraged to do during classes. Reformed now has three locations, with two more opening soon.

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