05 October 2017
Take A Moment For Fire Safety

As a small business owner, you focus a lot on growing your business. Sometimes, we get so focused that we forget the basics, like safety. Specifically fire safety. 
When you think about setting up the perfect office space or the most enticing storefront, don’t forget to plan for disasters. Where are you fire extinguishers? Do you have adequate smoke detectors? Do you have a fire plan for the event of a fire? No? 
Well, the good thing is that you’re thinking about it now even if you weren’t yesterday, so there’s still time. Read about more things you can and should be doing to prepare your business.

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04 October 2017
"Reformed Pilates" on START UP TV SHOW

Laura Morgan and her brother Peter worked in finance, but couldn’t shake that entrepreneurial dream. She started teaching Pilates in the evenings, which became weekends, which quickly became a business idea. They decided to open a studio in Phoenix. As they grew, they watched fitness trends around the country and realized they needed spin classes. And as their second location took off, they knew they'd found the right formula. It wasn't an easy ride the entire way, but Laura and Peter stayed strong and persisted, much like their clients are encouraged to do during classes. Reformed now has three locations, with two more opening soon.

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11 September 2017
3 Reasons to Talk to a State Farm Agent

Did you know State Farm agents are small business owners too? With nearly 19,000 agents in communities across the country, State Farm is here to help your small business succeed. Here are three reasons to talk to an agent about your business needs:

1. They’re local – You’ve got enough on your plate running a business, so it’s smart to work with someone local that you can trust to help protect it. Whether you have a simple question or a significant loss, being able to turn to someone right in your community is a huge benefit. 

2. They get to know you – If you run your own business, you know how important it is to give your customers personal attention. As small business owners, State Farm agents are no different. They take the time to understand you, your business and your future goals and plans. 

3. They give back to the community – State Farm agents are committed to giving back to their communities and are active in local organizations and events. You can feel good working with someone who cares about making your part of the world a better place. 

State Farm agents are perfectly positioned to help protect your small business. To find a State Farm agent near you, just take a look around your community, or visit statefarm.com/agent.

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01 September 2017
Kaleidoscope Juice

Alexandra Maw wasn’t a typical kid. She setup her playroom like a Farmers' Market and watched PBS cooking shows instead of cartoons. While at Arizona State University, Alex entered the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative with an idea for a store that sold organic juices. Fast forward and Alex now has multiple locations and a dedicated customer base for her cold-pressed juices and gluten-free baked goods.

It wasn’t easy, but Alexandra sidestepped a lot of pitfalls early on by being nimble and trying out new ideas. She also handled a lot of the tasks herself, like design and marketing. The driving force that kept her on track is the commitment to helping people eat better and live well, avoiding the processed foods and huge portions most people in this country eat. 

Alexandra has been open about the breakdowns and hardships along the way, which she has always used to grow from instead of focusing on the negative. Even though she wears all the hats in the business, she still stays focused on the reason she started it all, and her customers reward her for that. 

Kaleidoscope Juice has four locations in Arizona. Watch the video to see how Alexandra mixed her passions and ideas into a thriving and growing business. 

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01 September 2017
Entrepreneurs and Automation

Mention the word “automation” and people may think about robots building cars or some advanced AI or an android stealing your job (we’re not there yet…don’t worry). But automation is also a benefit. Take your small business for instance. You only have so many hours in a week to do everything. If you’re trying to figure out the best way to market your service or product, then you’re not actually delivering that service or product. So maybe it’s time for marketing automation.  Marketing automation is just another tool in your toolbox. Sure, you could try to pull up nails with a pair of tweezers, but a roofing hammer is going to be faster and more efficient. Same with marketing automation. Sure, you COULD do it all yourself, by hand, every day. But wouldn’t you rather be working on what you do best?  Click to read more about marketing automation

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