01 June 2017
Will This New, Funky Bowling-Football Combination Sport Be the Next Big Thing?

Why Fowling has a better chance than you'd expect.

On this episode, Entrepreneur Network partners Gary Bredow and Start Up TV highlight Chris Hutt and his odd-but-delightful creation, Fowling Warehouse. The warehouse, located in Hamtramck, Mich., houses Hutt's new sport, which is a combination of football and bowling. It might sound odd, or like a made up backyard game, but Hutt has turned it into a serious business. He raised $400,000 before opening the warehouse and now hopes to expand his sport to every state.

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01 June 2017
YouTube is Open for Business

Gary Bredow On what it takes to Start a Business — Online or Off

“It’s still so new, it’s like the Wild West right now.” Gary Bredow says. “I think, that we’re just scratching the surface on how people are going to be able to use YouTube in building businesses.”
Gary should know. He’s the creator and host of Start Up, a PBS show about successful small businesses. Gary has interviewed and featured more than 150 small business owners from all over the country. Each show tells their stories and gives tips on starting up that range from the high tech like 3D printers to the low tech skill of beekeeping.

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10 May 2017
START UP Stories - Perry Raso, Matanuck Oyster Farm

Want to know what makes entrepreneurs tick? Here's another START UP Story about one of the businesses we featured: Perry Raso and his Matunuck Oyster Farm. 

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10 May 2017
PITCH OFF - A Small Biz Pitch Competition

Alright START UP fans, here’s your shot. Our sponsor, The UPS Store®, is hosting a contest for National Small Business Week that is right up our alley. It’s called a Pitch Off and the grand prize is $10,000. Chances are you are watching START UP because you’ve either got an idea for a small business or already started one. Which means you’ve already got your elevator pitch down pat. Good. 

First, create and upload a 90-second video, but not a second longer. Have you ever seen a Shark Tank pitch? That’s what you’re going for. Your job is to sell the person watching that video on your idea. Why is it good? No, why is it GREAT?! Tell them why they should care and how your idea could change the world. Be creative and keep it simple.  

After that, they will put your video into a gallery on May 22nd. That’s when the hustle starts. Get everyone you know to vote for your video. And we mean everyone! The top ten pitches will go before a panel of judges. where they’ll make a case for your idea. The panel will then select the Pitch Off champion and award one person $10,000.  

There’s also a bunch of special awards: most creative, most passionate, most daring, most concise, most entertaining, and most innovative. Each award winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card! 

May is Small Business Month at The UPS Store and we want you to win! Take your shot. Send in your pitch. Go after that $10,000 so you can launch your entrepreneurial dream! Who knows—maybe Gary will feature your business next season! Good luck! We’re rooting for you.

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09 May 2017
The Garden Tower Project - Joel Grant

(The Garden Tower Project - Joel Grant, Season 1, Episode 3)

1. How did you end up being cast on Start Up?  Did you submit or were you contacted?

Well, it was a while ago, there were several of us involved… I can’t answer that 100%, but one of them would know!

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