16 August 2016
Behind the Scenes - Director Raisa Churina

We may not get to see Director Raisa Churina on the START UP screen, but we do get to see her creativity and vision played out in every episode. As director, she has to consider every aspect of the show, from the casting to shooting to editing and more. We were able to speak with Raisa, fresh off her trip to the West Coast where she had been filming Season 4, and learn a little more about her!

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14 July 2016
Highlights from Filming Season 4 of START UP

Hello from the START UP team!

For the past month, START UP has been on the west coast shooting episodes for Season 4. The route included cities such as Seattle in Washington, Portland, Eagle Point, and Medford in Oregon, as well as San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Diego in California, to name a few.

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07 July 2016
START UP joins forces with CNBC Make It to tell more inspirational small business stories!

After getting a taste of life as a dockworker when he was a teenager, Tom Adams was hooked.

More than three decades later, 46-year-old Adams has climbed from earning $4.50 an hour to heading Maine Coast, the seafood distributor he founded in 2011 that generated $40 million in sales last year.

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05 July 2016
Seattle Small-Business Owners to Star on PBS Docuseries ‘Start Up’

The crew of “Start Up” is in town this week, interviewing Susie Lee, CEO of the dating app Siren; Eduoardo Jordan, of the acclaimed restaurant Salare; and Nikki Closser, a social-worker-turned-photographer.

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23 June 2016
Behind the Scenes – Content Editor Breanna Meyer

Here at Start Up, we don’t often get to hear from Content Editor Breanna Meyer, since she is usually at her computer with her headphones on, sifting through hours of unedited footage. Breanna is an aspiring filmmaker, and demonstrates her skills time and time again as she tackles the enormous task of turning raw interviews into a cohesive story. Luckily, we were able to catch Breanna during a break and get to know her a little better.

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