11 January 2018
How These 2 Entrepreneurs Turned Their Minimum Wage Jobs Into a Multimillion-Dollar Brand

A lack of "real" jobs turned into a big opportunity for these college friends.

Chris Lynch and Michael Samer were friends in college, graduating at the start of the greatest recession since the 1920s. They scored jobs doing ocean kayak tours near San Diego, and after a couple of years, they borrowed $50,000 from family and bought the kayaking license for what became Everyday California. They put every penny back into the business and have since started a retail clothing line, a juice bar and even their own beer. A few smart decisions turned their minimum wage jobs into a multimillion-dollar brand.


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10 January 2018
Water leaks could mean revenue leaks

Here at the START UP studios in Detroit, it’s cold. Likeminus 10° wind chill cold. Cold temps can lead to frozen pipes, and ice dams from damaged roofing materials. In addition to clean-up hassles, water damages can slow—or even shut down—business operations. Proper maintenance of appliances, pipes, drains and roofing materials are basic preventative measures you can take. Make sure you protect your business and your bottom line. Our show sponsor State Farm® can help you determine just what you need to get you through most small business challenges. That’s because State Farm offices are small businesses, too. 

Read more about ways to prevent water damage at your business location here

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11 December 2017
START UP Webisode: Creative Profit Co.

Tess Wicks started in finance, as an actuary. That means she measured then managed, risk and uncertainty. She also realized that her generation lacked the financial literacy to really move ahead. So, she assessed the risk of leaving her job, weighed her options, took a deep breath, and did it anyway. Using her background in content marketing and podcasting, Tess founded Creative Profit Co. to help small business owners become more profitable and use financial strategies instead of guesswork and hope. She also teaches in-person classes at Next Door® Chicago, helping others learn how to tell great stories using digital content. Get tips from Tess on using content to tell your business’ story and drive customer action on the State Farm® Next Door® Simple Insights® page.

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05 December 2017
“Watson Hat Shop” on START UP TV SHOW

Eric Watson is a commercial pilot who, as a kid, loved Indiana Jones and his famous fedora. Eventually, Eric quit flying and bought some 1800s-era millinery equipment to make high end, custom hats. It may sound like a crazy path to entrepreneurship, but Eric knew exactly what he wanted to do. Now, he uses age-old techniques to make the finest vintage hats in Arizona and has clients out the door. Watch Eric's story and see how he relies on The UPS Store® to deliver his hats around the world.

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30 November 2017
Winter Is Coming

From one business to another, here’s a bit of advice: Above all, keep your customers safe. Winter is almost here and snow and ice can be a problem. Stairs, steps, and ramps tend to be the most dangerous and need immediate attention when ice and snow are present. Consider adding nonslip strips on outside stairs and make sure any handrails are stable and secure.  Since you’re busy running your business, one option is to leave the snow and ice removal to the professionals. Many lawn maintenance services offer snow removal as well, so check with your existing service provider. For those surprise snowfalls, keep a shovel and a bag of salt handy. A little extra caution in the winter months can ensure safe and happy customers (and help avoid lawsuits).  

Read more about how to prevent slips, trips, and falls on your business property.

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