05 February 2016

Security Breaches and Your Small Business

The Start-Up television series features entrepreneurs from across the United States who face tough challenges making their dreams into reality.  Getting a business off the ground can be an emotional ride for an individual “wearing many hats” and trying to find a balance between family and business.

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06 January 2016
Best Footage Forward

At some point, each entrepreneur featured on an episode of Start Up has had to redefine themselves on their way to success. Start Up producers Gary Bredow and Jennifer Feterovich are no different from the entrepreneurs they feature on the show. "Lost employment inspires a bit of soul-searching. It forced a lot of people to look within and maybe think about what they always wanted to do,” Bredow says.

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09 December 2015
Asking Big with Al “Bubba” Baker

For anyone who has played or followed the great American sport of football, it doesn’t take long to learn that it is the “intangibles” that separate a “good” player from a “great” player.  To have success, one must play with great emotion, heart, desire, determination, toughness, focus and passion.  After being drafted to the NFL in 1978 by the Detroit Lions, Al “Bubba” Baker was named Defensive Rookie of the Year with an astounding twenty-three sacks in his first season.  He played five seasons with the Lions, and went on to play for several other NFL teams including the St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, and Cleveland Browns.  By the time he finished his career in 1990 at age thirty-four, Bubba had been named to three Pro Bowls and earned legendary status as one of the anchors of the “Silver Rush.”  He even had five sacks in one game - a team record for the Detroit Lions that still stands today.

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21 October 2015
Starting out with a Bang!

The Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck, Michigan was the setting for the Start Up Season Three Premiere Party. Pulling into the parking lot, it’s hard not to notice the “Fowling Bus” parked outside - a great option if you want to tailgate and bus downtown to see a football game on Sundays. The bus has a custom paint job featuring the colorful and fun Fowling logo on the side. Before I even stepped foot into the massive, 24,000 square foot building, I was already thinking of a plan to get together with my friends and come back for a day dedicated to mastering this new game. Little did I know that the preconceived notion of “mastering” would change with the first football I threw.

Fowling is hybrid game that combines elements of football, bowling, and horseshoes. The object of the game is for teams to be the first to knock down all of their opponents pins by throwing a football at ten bowling pins positioned exactly as they would be in a game of bowling. If you get a strike you win! This does not happen often - it’s similar to a hole in one in golf. Think you’re an athlete? Did you play a little football in high school? It doesn’t matter; throwing a bullet at the pins will do nothing - in fact some people do better throwing the ball underhand... anything goes!

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29 September 2015
The Start Up of START UP

With the excitement of season three of the television show START UP on the horizon, it’s a good time to reflect on a quote from show creator Gary Bredow.  “Ironically, START UP was my first truly successful startup.”

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