19 April 2016
Behind the Scenes-Creative Director David London

Start Up Creative Director David London is always a staff favorite due to his wealth of knowledge about technology and digital media - he is fast becoming the person you go to when you have to solve a problem quickly and creatively.  He goes out of his way to help staff with their projects to ensure that content being created follows the branding and look of the television show.  His list of talents include graphics, marketing, video editing, audio, writing, music, and animation.  We sat down with David to get to know him a little better and to give him a break from his crazy schedule of preparing for season four of Start Up.

Tell us all a little about yourself-maybe something people may not know:

“I am the President and Creative Director of Parliament Studios.  Before that, I was in the military - U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division.  While in the military, I worked on Apache Helicopters and blew up tanks.  What most people don’t know is that I passed up a great job opportunity with the Michigan Opera Theatre to join the Army.  My life probably would have gone in a very different direction if I joined the Opera, but now I pretty much do anything creative and I can’t stop myself from doing that.  I am a designer, developer, filmmaker, and animator. I do whatever is needed.”

How would you describe your role on the show?

“My role is heading up post production.  After all the files, like video, b-roll, and audio, come back to me from the shoots,  I catalog it and make sure everything is there.  We sync everything up and then it is just a matter of picking what we want on the show.  There is always more footage than we need, so things are really trimmed down; it comes down to the story we are trying to tell.  For season four, we are going to have new video bumpers giving the show a new look and fresh feel.  I am heading up all of that.”

What is your favorite episode of Start-Up?

“I am selfish - I really have a special place for the shows I actually shot, but I really love the McClure’s Pickle episode.  We didn’t know much about the business going into the shoot. It was surprising to see that the whole McClure family was working... the mother, brothers and sisters were seen loading up trucks and making the product. McClure’s really is a grassroots company, and I love those stories.  The business comes from the heart and that shines through in the episode.   Any episode where I am surprised tend to be my favorite.”

If you were to start a new business right now, what type would it be?  Why?

“I was actually thinking of doing that!  I want to start a business that is unlike a classic advertising agency.  Instead of coming up with ideas, throwing them out there, and seeing if they stick, I would like to explore the advances in neuroscience, FMRI Machines, and EEGs.  We know how humans process information, take things in, and form memories far more than we used to, but we still seem to make decisions based on the old way.  I want to create a firm that uses hard science to create new media, or “neuro-media.”  The first thing people may say is, “that is mind control” and my response is, “why do you think your mind is not being controlled right now”?  

Another idea I have is to start an organization helping returning veterans who are having a hard time adjusting to life outside of war.  Instead of shooting guns, I want to teach them how to shoot with cameras.  A lot of the techniques in the military transfer very nicely in filmmaking, so I see a great opportunity to help.  If you can give veterans a way to express themselves, I think it could lead to work for them; you can make money in any city working in film production.  If you can give them a voice, maybe it can take away the hopelessness that many feel after returning home.”

If someone were to take your phone out of your hand and listen to your music, what is the first song that would play?

Traditional Japanese flute music, because I was coming back from a Kenjutsu Samurai Swordsman class, but otherwise it would be the new Macklemore album.  My kids make me play Fall Out Boy all the time, so that is likely to be there on the playlist.”

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