06 January 2016
Best Footage Forward
Start Up TV Show

At some point, each entrepreneur featured on an episode of Start Up has had to redefine themselves on their way to success. Start Up producers Gary Bredow and Jennifer Feterovich are no different from the entrepreneurs they feature on the show. "Lost employment inspires a bit of soul-searching. It forced a lot of people to look within and maybe think about what they always wanted to do,” Bredow says.

Now in its third season, the two have found plenty of kindred spirits with practical approaches to launching a business.  No “trust fund” babies or “get-rich-quick” schemes, just hardworking people.

Feterovich explains “There is no "next big thing" because life is not always about the "next big thing". Viewers can relate to the subject and say, I want to own a coffee shop or I want to invent something.  They might need a patent  like former Detroit Lion Al “Bubba” Baker did for his rib deboning process, or some good old fashioned inspiration from college students who  designed a teddy bear for children fighting diabetes.

Feterovich, who emigrated from Russia to the United States, speaks from her own experience "the show reflects the art of the possible that is America. This is the only country where you can come with nothing and become anything you want".

Hour Detroit / January 2016 / Best Footage Forward by James A. Mitchell

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