07 June 2017
Follow Up Story: It’s My Party Cakery

(It’s My Party Cakery, Judi Dadtka, Season 1, Episode 9)

1. How did you end up being cast on Start Up?  Did you submit or were you contacted?  

We were contacted to appear on your show.

2. How did you feel after watching the episode, and is there anything you would've said or done differently?  

I feel that since the seasons have progressed, they have a different feel to them now.  I would LOVE a do-over! 

3. What response did you receive from being on the show?  

We were well received after being on your show.  It is far in between, but we still have people telling us that they JUST found us because of your shows re-runs.

4. Have there been any major hardships or great accomplishments with you or your business since appearing on the show? 

With any business, we have had our share of ebb & flow.  Some of our family members chose to work outside of the day to day business.  That has left us at the cake shop somewhat stressed, as there are less hands to help, but we have managed to stay above water.  We have also had many accomplishments.  We have appeared in several magazines, and new articles, as well as worked with other local businesses on a short term basis.  This past year, we worked with Sprecher Brewery, and created a food item that they entered the Wisconsin State Fair Sporkies Contest.  We won first place for the best NEW Food item at the 2016 Wisconsin State Fair.  

5. What was your favorite part of being on the show?  

Telling our story.  I feel that our story helped to inspire others to follow their dream.

6. What is the most valuable lesson you've learned in business? 

I am not superwoman!  There are not enough hours in the day to finish everything. Staying true to myself and my dream.

7. What advice do you have for other "would-be" small business owners? 

Do your research.  Ask questions.  

8. If you could move your business and live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I don’t know if I would move my business elsewhere. I was born and raised here in Wisconsin (Milwaukee).  It pays to know your surroundings.  

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