14 July 2016
Highlights from Filming Season 4 of START UP

Hello from the START UP team!

For the past month, START UP has been on the west coast shooting episodes for Season 4. The route included cities such as Seattle in Washington, Portland, Eagle Point, and Medford in Oregon, as well as San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Diego in California, to name a few.

Now that shooting is finished, START UP is hard at work in the Corktown, Detroit office putting together the new season which will premiere this fall. Based on the footage so far, the fourth season will be the best yet. With new aerial photography, native 4K resolution, steady cam, and more, the show will have a brand new look. No longer will you see the old intros, outros, and host Gary Bredow's multitude of puns  - instead, there will be more of Gary’s personal, heartfelt writing that will give the viewer a deeper perspective into the businesses featured on the show. Additionally, START UP has some new and exciting media partnerships that will be happening this year. Overall, the new season will be much tighter, deeper, and visually engaging.

3D Printed Logo

The filming of season 4 allowed the START UP crew to keep telling the amazing stories of America's entrepreneurs.  From cheese making to visiting an alpaca farm, Season 4 is filled with memorable moments and fascinating people. In San Diego, START UP met the founders of ROBO 3D, who talked about their unbelievable 3D printers that can print just about anything (their printers can even print new printers!), including a 3D version of the START UP logo. In San Francisco, Host Gary Bredow conquered his fear of heights by climbing up a seven-inch-wide, three-and-a-half-story-tall metal ladder in his socks, without a safety harness, to swing on the trapeze during his adventure with Blueboard. Gary and some of the START UP crew also got the opportunity to participate in the Circle Up Experience, a horse-assisted leadership session in Morgan Hill, California. “They had me go out alone into a field with four very large horses and try to bridle one of them, even though I had no idea what a bridle was or how to use it,” explained Gary. “They watch you, and then when you come back, they give you feedback based on your mannerisms and the mannerisms of the horses. They were spot on - it almost brought me to tears.”

START UP also encountered some incredible scenery along the West Coast. A favorite spot was the beaches of Bandon, Oregon. The beauty inspired the entire START UP team, Gary Bredow explains: “It was just breathtaking. Between the ocean and the rocks and the mist and the clouds and the sun coming in through the clouds, it was truly magical. I literally spent two hours walking up and down the beach - it was probably, hands down, the most magical place I have ever been. I didn’t want to leave.”

Bandon Beach

Although START UP is happy to finally be back home after a long month of traveling, the crew will certainly miss the West Coast. It was truly a fantastic trip for all, and the START UP team is looking forward to bringing you season 4 in the fall!

You can see Season 4 of START UP this October on your local PBS station, Create Network and the World Channel.

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