11 October 2016
House of Wolves

START UP has partnered with The UPS Store to create a series of videos featuring entrepreneurs and their personal stories. The first of the three part series focuses on leathersmith Shanine Yngvason, founder of "House of Wolves"; a company that makes hand-made premium leather accessories that are inspired by classic vintage goods.

According to Shanine, music is the driving force behind the creative process at House of Wolves. "I used to be a musician, and it's all about having awesome accessories." says Yngvason "As the leather ages it takes on a new character as a second skin, forming a special bond between the leather and the person wearing it. All of our products are made by hand one at a time, paying close attention to detail."

The name "House of Wolves" came from traveling with her parents as a child to state fairs selling sweaters out of a small motor home. "Most of my life was spent on the road and I had to adapt to different situations and environments, kind of like wolves are constantly adapting to their environment" says Yngvason

House of Wolves is a low volume, detail oriented operation that sources hides from leather suppliers worldwide. Yngvason adds "We make high quality goods from the finest leather so it will evolve with you over time and become part of your story."

Watch the video to learn more about Shanine and House of Wolves. 

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