02 November 2017
Protect Your Small Business

So, you’ve started a small business and set up your shop or office. Great. Now what? Well, the next step is securing what you have so you can focus on the future. Our friends at State Farm put together a good list of basic tasks you can adopt to make your physical and digital assets safer. Learn how to reduce the risk of robberies, smash and grab theft, and even ways to improve your window and door security. 

Also, you’re going to want to protect your electronics, such as computers and monitors and cash registers. Surge protectors are a must have for all electronic equipment. And you know what computers hate more than power surges? Water. Spend some time focusing on how your electronics are place, whether they’d be damaged in a small flood or from leaks. 

Read more at State Farm’s site. A little prevention as you start your business can save you a lot of headaches later. And establishing good security habits early will make that part of your business culture as you grow. Protect what you’ve created. 

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