09 November 2017
START UP Webisode: Rare Bird Beauties

Ioana Qureshi had a dream (no, not an idea - a literal dream). She dreamt that she and her friend, Jennifer Beyers, had started a business named after Jennifer’s old salon. Well, when your inspiration comes like that, you just run with it. The two created Rare Bird Beauties, and they provide hair and makeup services for brides, fashion shoots, and special events. They used Next Door Chicago’s coaching and classes to help get their business off the ground. Watch and learn how this duo are changing the face (and hair) of beauty services. 

As for Jennifer, she’s learned along the way that to ground your business dream into reality, you’ve got to get your hands dirty with the details by planning your work and working your plan. 

To read more about the Jen’s lessons learned along her and Ioana’s entrepreneur journey, check out The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox: Ground Business Dreams in Reality on the State Farm® Next Door® Simple Insights® page

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