15 March 2016
Start-Up TV Show - Behind the Scenes - Producer - Jenny Feterovich

As the Start-Up crew is getting ready to go back on the road to start filming season four, we thought it would be a great idea to help you get to know the awesome staff who have worked on the show.  We sat down with Start-Up’s producer Jenny Feterovich to chat and find out a little more about what goes on behind the scenes of the show.  

Tell us all a little about yourself - maybe something people may not know:

I was a touring DJ for almost twenty years. I got to travel around the world playing music.  I am also a serial entrepreneur and have owned many different businesses - these include a concert promotion company, a resale shop, a kitchen and bathroom showroom, and a film production company.  I also love to cook - ALL kinds of food - so if you follow me on social media you will see I am posting pictures of food all the time.  I love going to estate sales with my mom; she loves antiques so much, so we go every Sunday.  It has also become a great way to spend time with my mom, so I always look forward to it.

How would you describe your role on the show?

My official title is “Producer and Casting Director,” but I do pretty much everything from helping to raise money to managing social media.  I speak to every single person who appears on the show and I also manage web development... I am hands on with every aspect of the show.  I also work in post production with the editors and give notes on color correction, editing, and graphics.  I am very involved with everything on the show, minus the hosting part, of course (she laughs).  I love to learn about how everything functions and works, so I stay close to everything that is happening.

What is your favorite episode of Start-Up?

This is really hard to answer because there are so many great people featured on the show... but I have to go with the first episode we ever filmed and the segment on the Gouda Girls.  I remember standing there during filming and thinking, this is real, their story is so amazing and touching that I remember actually crying on set when they told their story.  I will always have a special place in my heart for that episode.  I must also add that their sandwiches are amazing!

If you were to start a new business right now, what type would it be?  Why?

This is a great question because it can go so many different ways. Do I want it to be a heartfelt type of business?  Do I want to just make money? There are always so many factors but I think if I could choose right now it would be a bed and breakfast.  When I retire, that is what I want to do.  I think there is something very interesting about the people who stay at a bed and breakfast - there are many different types of people in and out all the time.  There is something very welcoming and personal about inviting someone to come and stay at your place.  I love the idea of it.  

If someone were to take your phone out of your hand and listen to your music what is the first song that would play?

(She grabs her phone to check) Tupac, All Eyes On Me.  I love old school hip-hop!

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