04 May 2016
Start Up at the Dig South Interactive Conference

More than 2600 attendees made their way to the 2016 Dig South Interactive Conference in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.  Founded in 2012, Dig South features presenters from across the country on topics like technology, business, entrepreneurship, marketing, media, entertainment, and culture.  The three-day conference took place from April 26th through the 28th, with a jam-packed schedule of speakers during the day and music in the evening at several brew pubs and locations across the city.  After the day’s sessions are over, it’s easy to find somewhere to go at night - Charleston is known for its stellar food scene and friendly residents.

Start Up Television Show producer Jenny Feterovich and host Gary Bredow were happy to be there for the event, giving a presentation about their experiences on the road and America’s entrepreneurial landscape.  As always, the two were engaging - telling their stories, starting off revealing how they, themselves, became entrepreneurs. Next was a series of “entrepreneurial lessons” the two compiled from their own experiences... “Don’t take the easy way out!  You gotta put in the work” was lesson number two.   After that, they talked about the varied types of entrepreneurs they’ve come across while filming Start Up.  These included the “dream catcher entrepreneur,” the “niche entrepreneur,” and the “serial entrepreneur,” among others.  At the end of the presentation the two ask, “What does it really take to make it in business”? It’s a question that can be really difficult to answer.

Dig South featured a diverse group of top-notch speakers including CEOs, technology reporters, marketing professionals, content strategists, designers, and digital media experts.  Here are some highlights from the festival:

Gary Vaynerchuk-Founder of VaynerMedia

A prolific investor and venture capitalist, his Twitter page has 1.25 million subscribers due to his great content and business advice.  https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com


Robert Swan-Explorer
A polar explorer and environmentalist who was the first man to walk to both the North and South poles.  http://2041foundation.org


Shonduras-Snapchat Celebrity
If you are new to SnapChat the first thing you’ll ask yourself is “what do I do”?  His presentation was centered around how to use SnapChat.  http://shonduras.com


Ruby Velle & The Soulphonics-Band/Music
Definitely a conference favorite.  Their Motown-like beats, and soulful singer made it hard not to listen. http://www.rubyvelleandthesoulphonics.com


Dig South hit the mark with excellent production values and meticulous planning to make sure that conference-goers left with an experience that’s hard to find somewhere else.   Start Up host Gary Bredow says, “Attending and speaking at Dig South was an incredible experience.  From the music to the keynote speakers, this is a top-notch conference.  Stanfield Gray (founder of the conference) and the team were extremely welcoming and all were true professionals”!

Start Up Television Show producer Jenny Feterovich says, "I truly enjoyed the Dig South Conference from the moment we walked into the opening party with great music, and up until the very last event. I loved meeting entrepreneurs and Start Ups from the Southern Region and getting to know what's happening in that part of the country. I was absolutely inspired to get on the next expedition with Robert Swan to visit the North Pole! The importance of content creation was reinforced after meeting Gary Vee and I look forward to seeing how far I can take everything I learned at the conference and applying it to my everyday business practices"

Dig South Founder-Stanfield Gray

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