21 July 2017
The Power of Paper in a Digital World

With every new advancement, every new app, every new social network, it begins to feel like we live in a digital world. While digital is important, don’t forget that we live in the real world and tangible things still matter. Sure, your slick, responsive, parallax, mobile-friendly web site is great, but it’s also not a physical object that will sit on a potential clients’ desk for weeks on end. That e-blast newsletter may get a respectable open rate, but handing someone a postcard has a 100% open rate. Long story, short: never underestimate the power of paper. 

We all try to save money as entrepreneurs, but don’t forget to budget for printed materials. Business cards are still a must to deliver a strong representation of your brand. A stack of trifold brochures in your bag is priceless when you run into someone during the day who is interested in your business but doesn’t have time for your full sales pitch. Flyers are still an easy way to quickly get the word out, especially for something as important as your grand opening. And at events and trade shows, having eye catching promotional items is key to attract new potential customers.  Don’t assume digital communication is all you need and don’t mistake impressions and click through rates with actual physical interactions. 

At the end of the day, we live in a physical world, despite the flood of apps and sites and networks we’re told to pay attention to. There’s still merit in picking up a piece of paper with ink on it. Attractive T-shirt designs will get noticed. A well-spoken point in a presentation will be far more memorable with a corresponding brochure to drive that point home. And a well-designed business card and a firm handshake will outperform a cold contact online any day. 

Use a mix of both and don’t assume technology trumps a good, old-fashioned piece of paper.  The UPS Store can print and produce a wide variety of marketing and promotional materials with professional results, making your small business easier to manage. Learn more at upsstoreprint.com.

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