16 January 2018
The Startup Support Group Next Door

There’s a coffee shop in Chicago that looks like any other, filled with entrepreneurs hustling away on laptops, sipping Americanos. This one is different though, in almost every way. Sure, you’ll pay for a latte or lunch, but not for the free financial education class, the free business coaching, or the free meeting spaces. You won’t pay to join this tight community of entrepreneurs and small businesses that teach each other things, nor the expert coaching to help you grow and succeed. It’s called Next Door and it’s a resource offered at no cost, by State Farm. The unique business does double duty, acting as a customer-research and marketing operation for State Farm and a small business community and co-working space for entrepreneurs. It’s a fusion of corporate outreach and start up bootstrapping. And it’s fantastically popular. Learn how Brett Myers, the Next Door Program Director, helps startups find their footing, stay on track, and grow their businesses using Next Door. Collaboration never tasted so good. #NextDoor #StateFarm.You can get financial and entrepreneurship education and resources from Next Door, even if you’re not in Chicago.  Subscribe to State Farm® Next Door® and try out their Free Online Financial Tools. Want to know even more? Read it here.

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