24 February 2018
Use Live Streaming To Reach Your Audience

START UP uses Facebook Live for our episodic live web broadcasts. There are lots of other live social broadcasting platforms, but this is where most of our fans are. Ever wonder why we do it? Because it works! 

80% of brand audiences prefer to watch live video rather than read a blog (although you should totally read our blog, too). Live video is just more engaging, and since viewers can comment on the live videos, we can interact in real time and answer questions. 

The point is, you should be using live social video streaming for your own small business. We had to figure out our process with trial and error (and more error), but you’re in luck. The UPS Store® put together a great piece on the how and why of live video streaming for entrepreneurs. Promotion, titling, SEO, and even what the big platforms are. In hindsight, it would have been great if we had this resource when we started live streaming. 

Take a look. Then take advantage of all the free services out there. We hope to see your live broadcast soon. #theupsstore #freeresources

Read the original article here.

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