Four Chamber Forge
Ferndale, MI
Owner: Chris Burkeybyle

I studied computer engineering and anthropology, but could not imagine myself doing either as a career - so I took a chef job and bought a home with a garage that I could turn into my workshop.

I guess everything started moving when we hired a certain a new waitress who I happened to have a bit of a crush on. She had a collection of wooden rings, and one night I was chopping firewood and saw a cool knot – so I decided to make her a ring for her collection. Well, nothing came from that romantic gesture, except all the other waitresses wanted to know where their rings were. Pretty soon customers started asking where the girls got all their jewelry, so we put a bowl out on the host stand.  Before long, I was making more money selling rings than as a chef. I signed up for a local art fair and have been growing since.

Gary and they crew head to Washington, DC, to talk to Carolyn, who started "Righteous Cheese," a shop that is all about pairing good food, good drinks and good company. Then they travel to NYC to meet with Constance, the founder of "Hot Girls Pearls," a line of fashionable accessories that are keeping women cool. And last, they venture to Detroit, to speak with Burkey, a craftsman who began "Four Chamber Forge," a brand that features a variety of one-of-a-kind, handmade wood and leather creations.