S1 | Episode 13: IT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU
Astro Coffe
2124 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48216
Owner: Daisuke Hughes and Jessica Hicks

Astro Coffee is a small café located in the historic Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. Our menu features a variety of roasters and producers we are excited about, and changes constantly depending on seasonality and availability.

START UP TV SHOW is a television program that offers its viewers an up-close and personal look into the world of the modern American entrepreneur. As complicated as starting a business may seem, START UP attempts to demystify the process by sharing the real life experiences of average Americans who are taking control of their own destiny. With a hip, modern style and a unique approach to traditional interview-based television, START UP is a truly original show that intends to inspire, educate and entertain viewers in a way that is neither dramatized nor exaggerated. It offers a sense of integrity that the producers feel is missing in mainstream reality television today.