Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park
9801 Walford Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44102
Owner: Ray Petro

Way back on a cold, wet and nasty Thanksgiving weekend in 1996 I had a crazy dream-"Let's get an old factory building and build an indoor mountain bike paradise!" That dream came to life Thanksgiving weekend 2004. It's hard to believe but it's  the start of our 10th season. It’s been a long, hard and fun ride. Through the years we’ve tried to build a fun experience for every level of rider with a fun family atmosphere. I hope you will come and check us out. We’re always working hard making a better park for you!

Hope to see you at the park! Thanks for being a part of the dream!

Gary and the crew are heading to Brooklyn, New York to talk to Monique, who began "Akwaaba", a unique bed and breakfast that's getting rave reviews. Then they travel to Indianapolis to speak with Heather, who started "Retro 101," Indiana's first fashion boutique on wheels. And last, they swing by Milwaukee to meet with Ray, who created "Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park" a place for anyone from amateurs to professionals to enjoy biking year round.