La Dorita
2310/2312 Main Street, Rear, Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania 15215
Owner: Gastón and Josephine Oría

We start with top quality raw materials, including fresh-from-the-farm milk provided by local creameries that promise to only produce antibiotic-free milk. Our dulce de leche is hand made in small batches in copper kettles. We never compromise quality. The finished product has an exclusive flavor that is irresistibly smooth and creamy—it’s simply dulce delicious!

Gary and the crew travel to Pittsburgh to meet with Josephine, who started "La Dorita," a new brand of dulce de leche, moving her grandmother's secret recipe to shelves around the country. Then they head to Washington, DC to speak with Cynthia, the owner and artist of "Cirque Du Rouge," who's taking the artistry and tradition of tattoos design to a new level. And last, they venture over to Chicago to meet with Ethan and Desiree, the founder of Give Forward, an online fundraising site that aims to help with medical expenses.