S1 | Episode 6: WORKIN LIKE A HOT DOG!
Train Like A Savage
Owner: Roger Dyjak

Detroit Tough is a gym located in downtown Detroit. We are not a trend, and we are not a fad. We believe in the important stuff like form over speed. We also believe in helping people reach their goals, whether you're trying to lose a few pounds or training for a major fitness event. We just want you to Get Up, and be a better version of you.

Gary and the crew head to Indianapolis to chat with Bev, who started Happy Dog Hotel and Spa, a pet facility that's provides high-standard care for man's best friend. Then they travel to Cleveland to meet with Al "Bubba" Baker, NFL player turned restaurateur, who began "Bubba's Q," a family restaurant with a lot of heart and some very unique ribs. And last, they trek over to Detroit to speak with Roger, who created "Train Like A Savage," a no-holds-barred workout regime that's mental and physically challenging its devotees.