Doggie Washerette
7714 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20012
Owner: Ethel Taylor

The Doggie Washerette, LLC is a FULL SERVICE dog grooming facility. No cookie-cutter assembly line service here!!! We realize that each dog has individual needs and we strive to meet theirs and yours. We price by breed and special needs.

Gary and the crew travel to Washington, DC to meet with Ethel, who started "Doggie Washerette," a self-service dog wash that aims to meet the convenience needs of urban pet owners. Then, they make their way to Chicago to visit with Nick, who began "Real Kitchen," a gourmet carry-out restaurant that prepares home-style meals with high-quality ingredients. And last, they head over to Cleveland to talk to Jason, who started "Cleveland Art," a workshop that repurposes industrial pieces into custom furniture feature cutting-edge designs.