S2 | Episode 10: A Hole in One
Silver Leaf
237 S. Liberty Street, Asheville, NC
Owner: Evan Bussanich

Silver Leaf Natural Medicine is a Chinese Herbal Pharmacy, Acupuncture and Ayurveda Clinic specializing in treatment of chronic diseases, acute and chronic pain management, facial renewal acupuncture, essential oils, pediatric acupuncture and Ayurvedic detox and rejuvenation therapies.

Strange Donuts / Silver Leaf

Gary and the crew head to St. Louis, MO to talk to Cory and Jason who created Strange Donuts, a unique donut shop that's encouraging St. Louis residents to "stay strange." Then they swing by Asheville, NC to talk to Evan who started Silver Leaf, an herbal pharmacy and acupuncture studio that encourages a natural, holistic lifestyle.