S2 | Episode 11: Tap the Falls
Mob Craft
4539 Helgesen Drive, Madison, WI
Owner: Henry Schwartz, Giotto Troia, and Andrew Gierczak

This is us and we love beer! MobCraft was dreamt up in mid 2012 while in a business incubator in Whitewater Wisconsin. Henry, Giotto and Andrew’s twin brother went to college together and started home brewing in their free time between business classes. Meanwhile not far away Andrew was becoming a budding micro biologist at UW-Madison. The three founders decided to start MobCraft and tested out the concept homebrewing batches of beer that friends and family suggested 5 gallons at a time. People thought the idea was pretty fun, so with all the money they had, the three bought a 7bbl fermentation tank, and began brewing at House of Brews in Madison, WI.

Above the Falls / Mob Craft

Gary and the crew head to Minneapolis, MN to talk to Bob who started Above the Falls, a kayak rental and tour company that takes people up the Mississippi river. Then we head over to Madison, WI to talk to Henry, Andrew and Giotto who created Mob Craft, the worlds first crowd sourced brewery.