S2 | Episode 12: Maids Quarters
7401 Hazel Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63143
Owner: Michael Stivers
Website: -//-

Orbit Pinball Lounge opened its doors to the public in mid-May, providing a new hangout with plenty of nostalgia to boot for the Maplewood neighborhood.At night, the darkened bar's warm glow and open door can be seen from the street. Inside, a welcome sign hand drawn in chalk awaits among a lustrous backdrop filled with dancing colored lights.

Eco-Friendly / Orbit

Gary and the crew head to Atlanta, GA to talk to Alex, who created Eco-Friendly maid service: a cleaning company that manufactures cleaning products from organic and raw ingredients. Then, we head over to St. Louis to meet with Mike, who started Orbit, a unique pinball lounge with a twist.