S2 | Episode 13: Board to the Core
Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farm
10951 S. Jackson Rd, Somerset Center, MI 49282
Owner: Steve Meckley

Started in 1956 by Ray and Louise Meckley. The farm was a simple wholesale operation, where Ray took apples to the Eastern Market in Detroit. In the late 1960’s, Louise has a vision of a bakery, cider mill and farm market. At first, the retail was the older children selling fruit from a picnic table, along South Jackson Rd. In 1970, the farm market with bakery and cider mill became reality for the Meckley family. During the early 1970’s the first apple butter festival was held. Tragedy stuck on December 1st 1976 when the farm market, cider mill, and bakery building was destroyed in a massive fire. The spring of 1977 was a memorable time, when the whole family took a trip to the New England states to view other orchards and farm markets. With inspiration from the trip, renovations took place and we were able to re-open by the fall of ’77.

Salemtown Board Co. / Meckley's

Gary and the crew head to Nashville, TN to talk with Will who created Salemtown Board Company, a business that makes handcrafted skateboards while giving back to the community. Then, we swing by Somerset Center, MI to talk to Steve, the owner of Meckley's, an apple orchard that makes homemade hard cider.