S2 | Episode 3: Rotelle me More
Zaza's Pastas
1100 3rd Street SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
Owner: Julie Parisi

Enjoying fresh pasta is no longer reserved for those with an Italian grandmother.  You can enjoy fresh, hand-made pastas from Zaza's Pastas! Our dry pastas feature a unique blend of non-GMO semolina flour and a local, organic flour we get from a farmer who grows and mills their wheat right here in Iowa!  Zaza's pastas yield a pasta with a taste and texture just like that of fresh pasta.  

Alley Cats / ZaZa's

Gary and the crew travel to Minneapolis, MN to meet with Roger, one of the owners of Alley Cats, a bike shop that sells, repairs and restores bicycles. Then they swing by Iowa City, IA to talk to Julie who created ZaZa's, an Italian specialty market that makes fresh homemade pasta.