S2 | Episode 3: Rotelle me More
Alley Cats
1621 Hennepin Ave, Ste 150B, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Owner: Roger Koelker

Alley Cat Cycles is a small alley shop that is big on friendly reliable service, customizations, parts, accessories, and bicycle sales.

1621 Hennepin has housed Kitsune Cycles, est 2011, and Alley Cat Cycles, est 2012.  

What happened to those businesses is not a secret.  They evolved.

They started with three owners and now there is one.  Michael Kraus ("Kraus"), once interested in an elite and high end shop is now in Portland while Roger Koelker, The BMX and Vintage Bike Encyclopedia, is an still an enthusiast in Minneapolis now working to become a master cheese maker at Eichten's Bison Ranch and Cheese Factory.

In May of 2015, the third initial owner, Cali Jirsa established Cherry Cycles.

Alley Cats / ZaZa's

Gary and the crew travel to Minneapolis, MN to meet with Roger, one of the owners of Alley Cats, a bike shop that sells, repairs and restores bicycles. Then they swing by Iowa City, IA to talk to Julie who created ZaZa's, an Italian specialty market that makes fresh homemade pasta.