S2 | Episode 5: A Fisheye View
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Owner: Susan Moore and Mary Jane Pappas

We draw our design inspiration from intriguing elements around us like retro American style, vintage French fashion, iconic film and TV characters and trendy fads from decades past and. We reinterpret these concepts into modern glasses and sunglasses. Our unique frames are produced in small quantities and are outfitted with both classic and bold coloration because we know individuality and style go hand in hand.
Our belief is that a small budget should not prevent you from demanding superior quality as well as basking in the glory of desirous people inquiring, “Where did you get those?” So, though we are committed to maintaining an affordable price point, enormous care is put into our choice of materials. All of our frames are handcrafted from the finest acetates and metals and a variety of premium lenses are available to ensure an exceptional product arrives at your doorstep.

Fishidy / Eyemusement

Gary and the crew head to Madison, WI to meet with Brian who created Fishidy, a smart phone app that's helping fisherman become more successful. Then they head to Minneapolis, MN to meet with MJ and Susan who started Eyemusement, a company that designs fashionable and affordable eyewear.