S2 | Episode 6: Cultured Club
132 S Clinton St Iowa City, IA 52240
Owner: Veronica Tessler

Iowa City's very own self-serve frozen yogurt shop invites you to indulge in our rotating selection of delicious, healthy frozen yogurt and toppings galore! All of our yogurt is packed with live and active cultures, which are probiotic and aid in digestion and immunity. We have a range of fresh fruit daily and a wide variety of other goodies. And the best part is, you'll be the master of your own creation!

Yotopia / Murfie

Gary and the crew head to Iowa City, IA to meet with Veronica, who created Yotopia: Iowa City's first frozen yogurt shop that sources local ingredients. Then they swing by Madison, WI to meet with Matt who started Murfie, a company that turns your old CD's and Vinyl into high quality digital files.