S2 | Episode 7: Wooly You Like to Be Seated?
Owner: Jennifer Cleveland and Eric Health

The resume is only words about the past. We will let our diners write our future together with us. Come in for one of the best dining experiences you will have, in a great environment. Eric Heath and Jennifer Cleveland met at Desert Edge Brewery at The Pub in Salt Lake City, Utah. Eric worked in the kitchen as the Chef and Kitchen Manager, and Jennifer worked in both the kitchen and the dining room. She also worked in the kitchen at The Tin Angel. After a short period of knowing one another, the couple discovered a shared obsession with food, and a mutual desire to eventually have a restaurant of their own. At that point, the two of them set about on the path to make that dream come true. 

Appalatch / Cleveland Heath

Gary and the crew head to Asheville, NC to talk to Grace and Mariano who started Appalatch, a clothing company that makes handmade outdoor apparel with locally sourced wool. Then they head to Edwardsville, IL to meet with Jenny and Ed who started Cleveland Heath, a restaurant that has critics raving all around the country.