S2 | Episode 9: The Art of Family
21 Battery Park Avenue, Suite 101, Asheville NC 28801
Owner: Lauren J. Patton and Matt Johnson

ZaPow features approximately one hundred from all over the United States of America, and one ex-pat currently living in England. We focus exclusively on tllustration, narrative and pop culture art. 

We do not exibit abstract, non objective, traditional landscapes, still life or utilitarian craft. There is always new amazing art to see at ZaPow! Our group shows change every two months abd we bring in one to two new artists each month. When you buy art at ZaPow, you take it with you or we can ship it for you. We will happily ship art to anywhere in the world. We fill that empty spot with new art immediately.

MillarRich / ZaPow

Gary and the crew head to Nashville, TN to meet with Susan and Rowan, who started MillarRich, a company that places people with intellectual disabilities into loving homes. Then they head to Asheville, NC to meet with Lauren and Matt who created ZaPow, an art gallery with a twist that's drawing national attention.