S2 | Episode 9: The Art of Family
MillarRich LLC
5022 Old Hydes Ferry Pike, Nashville, TN 37218
Owner: Susan Richardson and Rowan Miller

MillarRich provides Community Based Day services and Supported Employment Services. Individuals that reside in our Family Based Residential homes have input in developing their activity schedule which helps to ensure that those activities they love, they get to go out and do! MillarRich also organizes company events where all of the FLT's and individuals can come together and visit.

MillarRich / ZaPow

Gary and the crew head to Nashville, TN to meet with Susan and Rowan, who started MillarRich, a company that places people with intellectual disabilities into loving homes. Then they head to Asheville, NC to meet with Lauren and Matt who created ZaPow, an art gallery with a twist that's drawing national attention.