S3 | Episode 11: Retail or Salt Therapy?
Neville Wisdom
63 Orange St. New Haven, CT
Owner: Neville Wisdom

Neville Wisdom is the solution to your shopping problems.  Women come in all shapes, & clothing sizes never reflect that. Neville Wisdom designs, manufactures, & sells all of our clothing in-house. What does that mean for you? All clothing you purchase from Neville Wisdom is custom fitted to you at no additional cost. If our clothing cannot be altered to your needs, or we do not have your size, anything on the rack can be custom made for you - that means your measurements, your preferences, just for you.

Salt Cellar / Neville Wisdom

Gary and the crew head over to Portland, Maine, to talk to Don, the owner of Salt Cellar, an elaborate shop with every kind of salt imaginable, including Himalayan salt blocks and salted caramel chocolates. Then they swing over to New Haven, Connecticut to talk to Neville Wisdom, a fashion designer who custom fits women’s and men’s high-end clothes in-house.