S3 | Episode 10: Bringing Home the Chickens
The Home Store Real Estate Services
23365 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale, MI
Owner: Bradley Cohen

The Home Store was founded in 2007 for the purpose of helping people who were displaced from their homes because of foreclosure or other financial hardship. Through the efforts of The Home Store many foreclosure victims have been able to stay in their homes, or occupy other homes on rent or rent-to-own basis while rebuilding their credit. This activity naturally provided great opportunities for investors to own and renovate income producing properties under the management of the Home Store. The Home Store has since evolved into a full service real estate company, including the following services:Property Management, Real Estate Investments, Real Estate Brokerage, and Home Renovations.

Cluck! / The Home Store

Gary and the crew head to Providence, Rhode Island to talk to Drake, the owner of Cluck!, an urban farm and garden supply focused on helping customers adapt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Then they swing over to Ferndale, Michigan, to talk to Bradley, the owner of The Home Store, a local real estate agency that helps customers recover from foreclosures.