S3 | Episode 9: Don’t Fret about Technology
27 Berard Dr, Suite 2701, South Burlington, VT
Owner: Ben Werlin & Jeff Santoro

At MusicStoreLive, our goal is to revolutionize the way gear is bought online and to provide you with a team of musicians that fuses the spirit of the local guitar shop with the convenience of the web.

MusicStoreLive / LovetheCool

Gary and the crew visit Vermont to talk to Ben and Jeff, co-owners of MusicStoreLive, a booming website that aims to combine the local guitar shop feel with the online shopping convenience. Learn how customers can buy and trade a variety of guitars and gear. Then they head over to Massachusetts to chat with Michelle, the owner of LoveTheCool, a digital media agency that serves clients such as CVS, Vogue, and Instacart.