S3 | Episode 2: Maple Alley
301 Glen View Rd., Waitsfield, VT 05673
Owner: Dori Ross

Tonewood is a maple tree adoption program and premium-branded line of maple products supporting small-scale maple farming and sustainability. Elegant, modern, and distinctive treasures in liquid and solid form showcasing the versatility of maple.

Tonewood / Fowling Warehouse

Gary and the crew head to Vermont to talk to Dori, the owner of Tonewood, a unique business that collaborates with expert sugar makers to create single source, unblended maple products. Then they head over to Hamtramck, Michigan to talk to Chris, the owner of Fowling Warehouse, a business centered on his homemade backyard sport that combines football and bowling. Watch how he's creating a movement that’s bound to become a new national pastime.