S3 | Episode 4: Thirsty for Knowledge
Drought Juice
See http://www.droughtjuice.com/contact.html for locations.
Owner: Caitlin James and the James' Sisters

Made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables, DROUGHT juice is unpasteurized, cold-pressed and glass-bottled beverage perfection.  On a daily basis, they recognize how challenging it can be to consume adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, and they've found the age-old practice of juicing to be the most accessible and simple solution to combat chronic undernourishment.  

Plucked Admissions / DROUGHT 

Gary and the crew travel to Connecticut to visit with Denisha, the owner of Plucked Admissions, an easy and sufficient website that aids high school students in searching and applying to colleges. Then they head over to Plymouth, Michigan to talk to the James’ sisters, who founded DROUGHT, an organic line of raw juices that helps nourish customers.