S3 | Episode 3: Spirits Lifted
60 Valley St, Unit 105 Providence, RI
Owner: Aaron Horowitz and Hannah Chung

Jerry the Bear is a smart stuffed animal who helps kids build healthy behaviors through play. He was born from cutting edge research and a medically validated curriculum covering nutrition, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness. Expansion packs of animated storybooks and accessories for asthma, food allergies, and type 1 diabetes education are also an option. 

Air Temple Arts / Sproutel

Gary and the crew travel to New Haven, Connecticut to talk to Stacey, the owner of Air Temple Arts, an uplifting and challenging way to exercise and practice circus arts. Then they swing by Providence, Rhode Island to talk to Aaron and Hannah, the co-founders of Sproutel, a company that makes Jerry the Bear to help educate children on diabetes.