S4 | Episode 9: A Coffee Date
Cloud Room Seattle, 1424 11th Ave E, 4th Floor of Chophouse Row
Owner: Susie Lee & Katrina Hess

Siren is a social discovery platform created by women and founded on core principles of comfort, privacy, and mutual respect. 

At Siren, there is no swiping. No "shopping for humans." Our Question Of The Day creates a context for conversation, and personalities reveal themselves organically over time, just like in real life. 

Our members are complex, multifaceted people looking for meaningful connections. Join our community today and start a conversation!

Gary and the crew head to Seattle, Washington to talk with Suzie Lee, the creator of Siren, a online dating site that focuses on comfort, privacy and mutual respect.  Then they head over to Oakland, California to meet up with Keba Konte, the founder of Red Bay Coffee, a roaster and coffee bar.