S5 | Episode 3: Barn To Be Wild
Bee2Bee Honey Collective - Local honey and beekeeping company.
1615 Branard St, Houston, TX 77006
Owner: Nicole Buergers

The Bee2Bee Honey Collective is focused on helping the local Houston honey bee population by increasing beehives, harvesting their products and providing honey bee education. Discover raw honey or host a beehive in your backyard, corporate or farm location. Get rid of the plastic bear from the grocery store and try the true taste of the nectar of your neighborhood.

Gary and the crew head to Phoenix, Arizona to meet with Thomas Porter, owner of Porter Barn Wood, Arizona's number one resource for reclaimed lumber. Then they head over to Houston, Texas to meet with Nicole Buergers, the founder of Bee2Bee Honey Collective, a honeybee farm that provides local honey and bee keeping services.