S5 | Episode 7: A Bearded Delight
Live Cycle Delight - Contemporary Cycle Studio
8019 Agnes St, Detroit, MI 48214
Owner: Amina Daniels

Live Cycle Delight is not just a fitness studio—we’re a community, a fan club, and an oasis. By creating a stimulating environment that promotes wellness and peace of mind through focused body work, all level-fitness practitioners can come together to build intensity and share their energy with the group. Whether on the streets or in the studio, you’re never alone and you’re always supported. Join us!

Gary and the crew head to Austin, Texas to meet with Jeremiah Newton, owner of The Bearded Bastard, a legendary beard grooming products made by hand. Then they head over to Detroit, Michigan to meet with Amina Daniels, owner of Live Cycle Delight, Live Cycle Delight is the first contemporary cycle studio to offer cycling classes, a bike lounge, and a cold-pressed juice bar.