S5 | Episode 10: Necklace or Neck Brace?
Tantrums LLC - Gaming/Entertainment
1730 Elmview Dr, Houston, TX 77080
Owner: Shawn Baker

At Tantrums, LLC we help you to release that frustration by totally annihilating a room filled with dishes, tv's, windshields, and more via a sledgehammer, baseball bat, lead pipe, bowling balls, and more. You will feel relieved and get a great workout in the process. So, before you slap someone, come see us. You'll be glad you did.

Gary and the crew head to Austin, Texas to meet with Jessica Honegger, owner of Noonday Collection, a business that uses fashion to create employment opportunities around the world. Then they head over to Houston, Texas to meet with Shawn Baker, owner of Tantrums, A business that allows individuals to release frustrations in a safe and effective way, one baseball bat at a time.