S5 | Episode 11: Juice Messenger
Pigeonly - Tech Company servicing Prisons
701 Bridger Ave Suite 690 Las Vegas NV 89101
Owner: Frederick Hutson and Alfonzo Brooks

Pigeonly’s most popular products provide solutions for people who have a loved one in prison - An easy way to send printed photos from your phone and a low-cost option to expensive phone calls. Though still young, they’ve shipped over 1 million photos and processed over 8 million phone minutes since Pigeonly launched.

Gary and the crew head to Sedona, Arizona to meet with Summer and Mike Sanders, co-owners of Local Juicery, a superfood kitchen that makes Organic Cold Pressed Juice and healthy cuisine. Then they head over to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet with Fredrick Hutson, owner of Pigeonly, a company that provides families with low-cost inmate communication.