S5 | Episode 11: Juice Messenger
Local Juicery - Food and Beverage
3150 W State Route 89A Unit 5 Sedona, AZ 86336
Owner: Summer and Mike Sanders

We are organic, chef-driven and superfood focused. Our promise is to provide you with top of the line quality and flavors. We believe that what you eat fuels how you think, love, work and play. By grounding your diet in the elegant simplicity of plant based foods and vibrant cold-pressed juice, you can't help but glow!

Gary and the crew head to Sedona, Arizona to meet with Summer and Mike Sanders, co-owners of Local Juicery, a superfood kitchen that makes Organic Cold Pressed Juice and healthy cuisine. Then they head over to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet with Fredrick Hutson, owner of Pigeonly, a company that provides families with low-cost inmate communication.