S5 | Episode 9: The Athletic Board
Hydrant Club - Doggy Day Care & Training
109 N 9th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101
Owner: Cathy Brooks

An entirely unique approach to canine care and education, Hydrant Club makes traditional dog care roll over. On the surface, Hydrant Club offers the core services an urban dog owner needs - daycare, overnight boarding, bathing/grooming services and a high-end retail store. 

Underneath these services is a cognitive approach to dog handling and behavior, marrying a strong foundation in practical and tactical obedience work with concepts based on fresh research and understanding of how dogs'  minds work. The result is a truly customized offering for every pup and its person, helping them understand each other and forge even stronger relationships.

Gary and the crew head to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet with Cathy Brooks, owner of Hydrant Club, a dog boarding and training facility in Downtown Las Vegas. Then they head over to Grand Rapids, Michigan to meet with Sara Moylan, owner of Shefit, an athletic apparel company with the highest level of support.