S5 | Episode 6: The Concrete that Broke the Camel’s Back
SlabHaus - Concrete Fabrication/Design
1738 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85034
Owner: Brandon Boetto

SlabHaus is more than a high-end, artisan concrete studio, it’s a labor of love driven by passion and the need to create. The Arizona-based company was handcrafted by Brandon Boetto, a former graphic designer and multi-media marketer. After 15 years of making a name for himself in the design world, Brandon turned his attention to the world of concrete artistry. Seeking a new challenge, he set forth to create everlasting pieces of functional art fueled by his limitless imagination and the skill of his own hands. From this passion, SlabHaus was born.

Gary and the crew head to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet with Guy Seeklus, owner of Camel Safari, a premier camel ride and Segway tour experience. Then they head over to Phoenix, Arizona to meet with Brandon Boetto, owner of SlabHaus, a business specializing in high-end concrete home furnishings.